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2 Minds, Infinite Possibilities

Accurve Studios is a Video Game Company that was founded by 2 brother in 2012. With just 2 of us, we have developed and published 7 games on iOS and Android, with our breakthrough game Galaxy Chase (Published by PlayPhone USA) reaching over 1 Million downloads worldwide. Currently we are working with Clients from around the world in creating Games for Entertainment, Branding, and Research.

The Tech : JAVA Isn't Just an Island We Live Nearby

Our Own Engine

We started out by trying the various game engines in the market, but none gave us the freedom to optimize our games to the level that we were satisfied with. We then built our own engine (RubberDuck V1.2) that supports OpenGL ES 3.0, Bone Animation, Texture Streaming, and many more features.

JAVA for Android & iOS

We started our game development in Android and transitioned to developing for both iOS & Android. We just code once in JAVA and build directly to iOS and Android, and just quickly play test in our PC.

Full Freedom

We use the same engine to build our 2D Platformer, 2D Medical Diagnostic Game, 3D Isometric Open World RPG, 3D First Person Shooter, and 3D City Building Sim Game.

  • The Design : Unique + Kawaii + Colourful

    We lovingly hand craft and draw each Character and Texture. This approach gives our games the vibrancy of a children's imagination, with each unique brush stroke conveying the artist's craftsmanship.

    We abhor washed out colours and love bright and vibrant swatches. Worlds are crafted with sprays of colour and contrast, not the boring drone of brown shades.

    Also, I'm a grown man drawing Kawaii characters... don't judge me.

  • The Design : A Fusion of World Design

    Our art style can only be described as a fusion between Western and Japanese, with a splashing of the Malaysian palette.

    We love simplicity in form, but complexity in texture and detail. This approach can clearly be seen in the games that we craft, look closer and you will find details that are easily overlooked in a glance, yet emerge when approached with a careful eye.

    This approach translates well into our User Interface design that combines monetization strategy with navigation.

PortfolioCrafting worlds within our games

  • Keep Fishin

    Help a poor kitty achieve his dream home and keep his shark boss happy. Rise to the challenge by collecting fish and avoiding dangers in this fun and fast paced action game.

    Galaxy Chase

    Strap on your space rocket and run from aliens! Race across the galaxy to warn Earth and save the universe! Escape the invading space aliens by navigating around asteroids, planets, and enemy attacks while trying to collect precious mineral fuel throughout the galaxy. Collect enough minerals to upgrade your ship and jump to hyper-space! Can you save your people from these galaxy invaders?

    Where's My Chicken?

    Can you save your Chickens from the mischievous Fox? Place Roosters to guard your precious Chickens, and adapt your strategies based on unique obstacles on each level. Fail and you will be screaming "Where's my Chicken?" as the Cute Fox gleefully steals your Chickens away! .

  • Rage Bird

    A simple yet purposefully frustrating game that will test your skill and patience. Are you ready to RAGE?

    Axiata Badminton Cup 2013

    A multi platform Branding Game done for Axiata, a leading Telecommunications Provider in South East Asia.

    Faster Then Darkness

    An open world 3D Roguelike RPG for iOS and Android. Currently in development, follow our blog for more updates and news!

We're a team that love Creating & Playing Games... sometimes we play a little too much :)

  • Team Member


    Founder / CEO / Lead Designer, A Physics graduate who worked as an Operations Manager in an Industrial Consultancy Company turned into a Video Game Designer. Life's kinda crazy like that.

    Team Member


    Founder / CTO / Lead Programmer, a certified Accountant who found his passion in programming more fulfilling that crunching numbers. People say he is the fabled JAVA Whisperer.

    Team Member

    Khairil Amiruddin

    Finance Executive, the man that practically controls everything. Be nice to him.

  • Team Member


    Operations Executive, The Iron Lady of Accurve. Enuf said...

    Team Member

    Shah Rezza

    Business Development Executive, he secretly plays games while waiting for his Meetings. Claims its part of his Business Development Research.

    Team Member

    Ahmed Rahem Shah

    Programmer, the go to guy to get actual work done. Certified Idea Man of the company.

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